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NLLApps Online Spam DB Privacy Policy and Terms & conditions

These terms and policies govern how the data you may send to NLLApps Spam DB is used. We respect your privacy and use a variety of industry-standard security technologies and procedures to protect your information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

NLLApps Online Spam DB helps you to block incoming spam calls by utilising our community generated spam number database.

Your blacklisted numbers

  1. When you enable NLLApps Online, phone numbers you add to Blacklisted numbers in ACR Phone app may be transferred to our servers and stored in our database.
  2. Transfer of blacklisted phone numbers to our server may happen instantly once you tap on save.
  3. We DO NOT transfer your contact list outside your phone.
  4. Blacklisted phone numbers are NOT transferred to our servers if you set blacklist reason to “Personal Reason”.
  5. Together with black listed phone number we may also transfer and store, block reason and comments you may add. We may show those comments in public pages or within ACR Phone app to other users.
  6. We will combine and use this information together with information provided other users as well as 3rd parties to improve match rate of our database.
  7. We may share information from our database with 3rd parties in order to improve match rate of our database.
  8. Deleting a blacklisted phone number from ACR Phone may NOT delete it from our database if that phone number was added to our database by other users
  9. Uninstalling ACR Phone DOES NOT delete your blacklisted numbers from our database. This is because there is no mechanism in Android that allows app to run procedures before or after their removal. However, we run scheduled batch operations and purge non spamming numbers from our database.
  10. We cannot guarantee deletion of phone numbers we may share with 3rd parties.


Incoming calls

  1. When you enable NLLApps Online Spam DB, all incoming calls you receive will trigger a connection to our servers for spam status lookup.
  2. We DO NOT store numbers used in spam status queries in our database.
  3. We DO NOT send contact details during spam status queries.
  4. We DO NOT share spam status queries with 3rd parties.



  1. We may use servers in different regions of the world. This means your black listed numbers might be transferred and stored in another region then your own.
  2. We may log your devices IP address during communication with our server for security and performance analysis. If we do, we will purge these logs within 6 months.


Open source

By making contributions to our database you understand and agree that your contributions will be public.
Our data is built by our community and we’d like to give back. Once it has enough data, we are going to open source and publish our database for everyone to benefit from it. Published data will ONLY include phone numbers with more than certain number of reports, date of the first report, date of the last report, phone number, country and mount of total reports.

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