NEW ACR Phone Dialer, SIP client & Spam Call Blocker

Time to move to our brand new phone app with call recording. ACR Phone has call log access and shows contact names. Try privay respecting phone app by by NLL APPS


Unfortunately, Google has removed call recording functionality in their new Android 11 developer preview! We sorry to get excited early and excite you along with us. We now learned (again) not to take anything related to Google as granted!

Go to and click on Removals on the left to see removed "ACCESS_CALL_AUDIO" permission

In response to questions about call recording, Android product manager Matt-Pixel has said that:
" Android has never officially supported call audio access. In some cases, apps were able to access this data through other means that are no longer available, due to changes we’ve made to make the Android platform more secure. We recognize that this is a highly requested feature, however there are a number of privacy and security concerns that come along with providing APIs for this type of sensitive information. We have been working to determine if we can make these APIs available safely, and as some of you noticed, this capability was briefly available in an early Android 11 developer preview. Our intention is to continue investigating if we can safely implement this and we will update the Android community as this work progresses. "

We are excited to confirm that Android 11 Developer Preview brings call recording support and we are ready!

We have tested and are able to record both sides of conversation in stereo mode. Call recording works with Bluetooth headset, earphones and Wi-Fi calling!

Here are our early findings about call recording feature on Android 11

  • Some features which are available in Developer previews might not make to the final version of Android. However, we are confident that call recording will be available in the final version of Android 11.
  • Call recording will only be possible with default dialer/phone app.
  • You will have to change your system default dialer/phone app with another one that supports call recording.
  • Apps that are solely designed to be call recordin apps will not work. Unfortunately ACR call recorder app will not work either.
  • Luckily were working on a dialer app since last year! Continue reading below for further details.


Future of ACR Call Recorder

ACR Call Recorder will continue to be available but development will be bug fix only. ACR Call Recorder Pro is one-time purchase and we have been supporting it for more than 6 years. It is not possible to convert it in to a phone app.

A brand new app ACR Phone Dialer & Spam Blocker

Back in 2019 spring we have made a bet on call recording becoming reality again due to an Android team engineer's comment to an issue regarding call recording. They had said that Google wants to bring it back with official support.

Since then, we have been working on our phone dialer app called ACR Phone (
We have started working on implementing call recording features to ACR Phone dialer. ACR Phone dialer is available from Android 7 onwards but call recording on will only be supported on Android 11 onwards.

This will not be easy but we hope to have most call recording features ready by the time Android 11 released.
In the meantime give it a go to ACR Phone at

Some features of ACR Phone Dialer

  • Works on Android 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
  • Call recording on Android 11+ (coming soon)
  • Privacy!
  • Full on dialer and spam call blocker.
  • Light and fast.
  • Support for dual SIM phones.
  • Video calling screen support.
  • Call announcement.
  • Call log backups.
  • And more... Download at

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