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Removal of Gmail Cloud Service


We had to remove Gmail Cloud service

We would like to inform our users that we will be removing Gmail Cloud service from our apps.
This is due to a new policy by Google that restricts access to the Gmail API. You can read about the change at
Essentially, Google is now restricting access to Gmail API that our apps use to automatically send your recordings on your behalf.

Our apps always needed your approval for email access, however new policy change requires apps to be white listed by Google. Once an app is white listed it then needs a security assessment done by an independent auditor that would cost 15,000 to 75,000 USD per app.


Is there an alternative?

Our apps still have AutoEmail Cloud service you can use Gmail to send recordings.
You will need to enable app password feature under your Google account settings and use that password in AutoEmail Cloud service.

Please note that you will (probably) get warnings about a low security app or device using your account.

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