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Here are the solutions for most common issues you might experience with ACR.


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No phone number (from March 2019)

Google has a new permission policy and denied phone number access permission for call recording apps including ACR. No call recording app from the beginning of March 2019 will be able to access incoming or outgoing phone number. This will affect both Pro and Free versions. ACR will have “Edit number” feature for you to update the number. Please read all the details at


Android 9/Pie

We would like to inform our users that there will be no call recording workaround on Android 9. No 3rd party call recording app will be able to do so.

However, it may be possible to record from the internal speaker with some clarity on some phones such as Huawei or Pixel phones.

See our help article for more information


Removal of Gmail Cloud service

We had to remove Gmail Cloud service. Google no longer allows apps accessing Gmail's email sending feature even if user approves it. This is part of Gmail's new security measures. Please see our help article for details.

However, you can still use AutoEmail Cloud service with your Gmail account by creating an "App Password". See our help article to learn how to set it up


Updated to Android 8/Oreo and noticed extra notifications?

When you enable cloud uploads, ACR schedules a job to scan for failed or missed uploads. This job runs every 20 minutes in the background.

However, if you have Android 8 you would also see a notification. This due to changes Android 8 brought and cannot be avoided.

Google have decided that all apps doing background operations must show a notification or finish the process in 5 seconds. Since ACR might not finish this process in 5 seconds it show notification.

You would also see "ACR loading" notifications because ACR needs to be started on boot or after it is closed by the system. We had to add intermediate notification to workaround Android 8 limitations related to background operations.


Why so many permissions?

It may look simple but ACR is a very advanced app. It has many features that require many permissions.

For example:
It requires Contact access because it associates recorded call with your contacts to show their name and contact icon instead of a number.
It requires storage access, which called Photos and Videos on Android so it can save recordings. Without it, ACR would have to use internal storage of your phone, which would easily fill it up.

There is nothing malicious about permissions requested by ACR.


ACR closes after a while

This is currently the most common issue we hear from our users.

System power managers
Most manufacturers added some sort of power management to their phones. Power managers close 3rd party apps like ACR.
You need to keep ACR notification on to prevent it from being closed.
Unfortunately, even notification does not help on some phones. You need to add ACR to excluded list of your phone's power manager.

Battery or memory saving apps
Other culprit are Battery saving and memory cleaning apps.
Android does not need battery manager app, they cause more harm than good. Remove any battery or memory cleaner apps.

Clenaning recent apps
Another issue is cleaning recent apps by swiping them away. You are removing apps form the cache and forcing Android to recreate them on next lunch. Therefore causing more battery drain. You do not need remove recent apps.


ACR fails to record with warning

Resetting ACR usually helps if you are having problems.
First remove ACR, restart your phone and reinstall ACR from the Play Store (not from backup or other apk sites), try recording a call without changing any settings.
Make sure you do not have any other call recording apps installed if you still get recording failed notification.

Please note that:
Removing ACR will remove notes and important marks. Currently ther eis no way to restore them.


Recording on Bluetooth or wired headphones

You can enable recording over Bluetooth under ACR recording settings. However, recording over Bluetooth depends in the phone and firmware as well as Bluetooth headset.
Same thing applies wired headphones too.
There is nothing can be done if the phone or Android version does not support call recording over Bluetooth or wired headset.
This will be same with all call recording apps.


Recordings shown in music player or library

ACR saves recordings to the phone storage. Some music players scan all folders and lists media files they find.
Please go to ACR settings and un-check library option under General section and reboot your phone to prevent this.
If you still see ACR recordings in your music player, go to your device's app manager and reset the cache of your music player.


Recovering deleted file

ACR doesn't store recordings outside your phone. There is no way to recover them if you have deleted them from recycle bin or lost them otherwise.


File not found when try to play a recording

As error explains, you must have deleted it form outside ACR. Probably from music player or file manager or, with a phone cleaning app.

What you are seeing in ACR is the information about the recording file. Unfortunately, it is not possible to recover it. It should be removed from ACR database. You can do that by going in to ACR Settings, General Settings and tapping on DB Maintenance.


Restoring recordings to a new phone

ACR does not transfer your recordings outside your phone. This is due to our privacy policy and technical and economic challenges with storing thousands of calls every minute.

However, you can transfer ACR recordings from your old phone to the new one by simply copying ACRCalls folder (or the folder you are using to store ACR recordings) and re-installing ACR to your new phone.

You cannot restore recordings uploaded to cloud services supported by ACR. This is due to file naming choices ACR provide during the upload. It is not possible to rename files to their original format used by ACR.


ACR recording doesn't include contact name

ACR uses special naming convention.

However, this does not mean you cannot have contact names in ACR recordings.
ACR provides two different ways to export/backup it's recordings.

1- Select few recordings by tapping on contact pictures on ACR, hit three-dotted menu on top, and select Backup. Recordings will be exported to ACRCallsBackup folder on phone the storage.
2- Connect your device to your local Wi-Fi network, go to ACR Cloud services and open Web Access. You can now open the address shown to download your recordings with contact names to your computer. Web Access feature is only active while you have it open and only accessible from your local network.


Unable to use SD card

ACR does not support full SD card access for now. This is due to wide range of Android versions supported by ACR. However, you can use SD card by choosing a specific folder on it.


Do you have any other isue?

Write to us by tapping on to our email in ACR menu

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